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Food Safety as a Service for Manufacturers


A system developed for full automation


A self-auditing platform that continually directs relevant data to the right places

Smart training

A gamified video based training platform that encourages learning and staff engagement


A team of experts using a proprietary system to efficiently write, implement, and maintain food safety plans

Temperature monitoring

A system that constantly monitors with smart alerts and analyzes real threats before they become and issue

Your food safety expert, working 24/7

Cutting edge technology

Driven by the Internet of Things, smart technology

Real-time validation and auditing

Working around the clock to guarantee safety and compliance

Truly unique food safety partner

Customized systems, patented software and technology

What our clients are saying

“Having our food safety system be automated is huge for us. iQKitchen does all of the different facets, helping Tartine with monitoring, with temperatures, and writing HACCP plans.”

Scott Boggs
VP of Operations, Tartine

“iQKitchen saved me over $40,000 in compliance costs. They were able to provide ongoing advice to my team and bring continual value to my organization.”

Thomas Keller
Owner, Thomas Keller Restaurant Group

“iQKitchen wrote and implemented a comprehensive HACCP plan in less than a week. We were able to pass our first audit and get right into business.”

Jim Miller
Owner, Kolikof Caviar

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