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Hands-on training, before the hands touch the food.

Touch Recipe is the component of the iQKitchen suite of apps that focuses on the automation of training. It functions as a medium for knowledge through which Chefs and restaurant operators can make training material available to staff anytime, while maintaining a personal touch.

The platform offers an app and a responsive website, hosting video courses and tests for any type and any number of processes/recipes. Lessons can be personalized for any organization by capturing and adding specific video and test content. A trainee then simply logs in to the platform, chooses the roles and functions that they fill, and a personalized curriculum is created for them, consisting of the lessons that are specific to their position.

The user works through each lesson by watching the videos lesson and completing the test that corresponds to the video. Users can compare their scores to the average scores of their organization as they progress through the lessons, instilling a healthy sense of competition by gamifying the training process.

Chefs and restaurant operators can view the profiles of their staff to monitor progress and achievement. Touch Recipe streamlines the training process while increasing consistency and objectivity in evaluation.

Visual video training

Auditory explanation

Gamified testing