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Category: Food Safety

HACCP vs HARPC. What’s the difference?

Hazard Analysis Risk Based Preventive Controls (HARPC) is a risk based model for the identification of significant hazards and the establishment of preventive controls. FSMA HARPC was made into law on July 4, 2012. FDA issued a proposed rule implementing it on January 2013. The

HACCP: The Pain of a Business Owner

A health inspector came to my restaurant and asked me to stop using my vacuum packing equipment until I produced a HACCP plan and got it approved. What was the next step for me? I started asking questions. Why do I need a HACCP plan?

Can I Sous-Vide Seafood?

A great chef once told me: “Put down your science for a moment and just imagine this. In a vacuum bag you put a beautiful octopus, add organic olive oil, a little bit of lemon zest, and some fresh aromatic herbs to create a wonderful

What is HACCP? The Definitive Guide to HACCP.

HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) is a science-based management system and an internationally recognized food safety system with process steps that emphasize a proactive approach to food safety and health. It's an acronym that stands for: Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points The