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The Association of Super Chefs

The world of chefs hasn’t always been a connected one. Chefs are artists who typically create alone – their own restaurant concepts, menus and dishes. However, as our world becomes increasingly connected, the world’s top chefs are teaming up.

In 2008, an non-profit organization called Ment’or was formed by some of the best chefs of our time – Chef Paul Bocuse, Chef Daniel Boulud and Chef Thomas Keller. The main objective was to provide more support to the US culinary team that competes at the Bocuse D’Or (essentially the world’s most prestigious culinary competition, occurring every two years in Lyon, France). The success of the organization has been immense. Not only did he US Bocuse team placed first this year for the first time in history, in the process of creating a winning team Ment’or has inspired a global association of super chefs, who together are improving culinary education programs, stimulating culinary creation, and advancing food related technologies around the globe.

No better was this captured than recently in Napa CA, where Chef Robert Sulatycky, the team coach for the 2019 US Bocuse D’Or team, joined forces with Chef Yannick Alléno, a famous French chef with an awe-inspiring three restaurants boasting three michelin stars each. Almost two decades ago these two veteran chefs went toe to toe in culinary combat at the 1999 Bocuse D’or finals, where Chef Sulatycky placed fourth and Chef Alleno placed second. Despite the rivalry they’ve remained friends, teaming up to discuss the future of the culinary world, share new culinary technologies, and prepare a meal for an exclusive private event.

Top chefs are collaborating more frequently to solve problems and develop better ways to deliver culinary and food safety excellence. In addition to coaching the 2019 Bocuse D’or team and working with Ment’or to advance culinary education, Chef Sulatycky is the CEO of iQKitchen Inc., a technology company working with a community of top chefs to improve culinary and food safety processes. Chefs like Sulatycky are increasingly utilizing modern technology and connectedness to collaborate on a global culinary level.Super chef associations are going to have a big impact on the world food scene. As the world’s top chefs form connected communities and share information, foodies can expect to taste increasingly exceptional food.

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